Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who would have a conscience?

After a great date with Robocop and a few more fruity texts, the date is almost set for us to meet for a tryst in my flat in Hove.  I nag MusicMan to help me get the bed set up.  We go round to the flat and, unbelievably, find the whole place has been completely flooded by some idiot upstairs.  All MM's decorating has been ruined and the place is definitely not going to resemble anything like an erotic boudoir anytime soon.  Added to which, we couldn't get the mattress in the car, so we have a bed ready to be assembled but nothing comfortable to shag on.

Going beyond the call of duty, and also because he has now joined IE and has got 3 potential lovers on the go to my one almost-lover, MM offers me the use of his house if I can arrange something with Robocop.  We clearly can't use the flat and my house is invaded by teenage sons on an unpredictable basis.  It's nice of him, but I can't really see myself shagging a bloke in my partner's bed when he is out.  Plus, he already has a date with a woman and her husband at his house tonight (yes, he is up for threesomes) and things would be getting farcical with me vacating the house a couple of hours earlier with a hunk in tow.  What would the neighbours think?.  Anyway, I am pretty sure I will have my house to myself this evening so hope I can sort something out with Robocop for then.

This morning I get a phone call from Robocop.  He's been a bit quiet since the weekend, so it shouldn't really have come as a shock.

..."erm, I've been thinking.  I'm not sure I can go through with this.  I've had an attack of conscience about cheating on my partner and don't know what to do"


If it wasn't so funny, I would cry.  Is there another woman out there, in reasonable condition, with all her own teeth, good sense of humour, generally light hearted approach to life who can't get a reasonable shag in 6 months without some sort of terminal problem cropping up????

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