Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm in Heaven

June 2011

I have referred earlier to the fact that my house is full of builders.  What I haven't mentioned is that the house is full of good looking builders, one of them being The Plumber, who is now talking to me again, and, phew, doing plumbing work for me.  Unfortunately, just the conventional type of plumbing - he certainly doesn't seem to be offering to tinker with my boiler, which is a shame, because I'm sure the pressure is too high and needs attention. 

I did ask him if he was OK with me now, and he nearly ran out of the door in fright - but as long as I keep the subject to pipes, valves, and pumps we seem to be getting on ok.  I sneak a quick look at his bum every time he bends over, but I can't be blamed for that - I'm only human.

At least his effect on me is somewhat diluted by the fact that there is a drop dead gorgeous carpenter working in the kitchen.  I do love having practical men around me.

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