Friday, 8 July 2011

MusicMan - 10 years

Having referred several times to my long-suffering partner, he has pointed out that I have omitted to mention his most endearing characteristic, namely, that he has an enormous dick.  Although lacking in stature generally he is, indeed, very well-endowed in his nether regions.  However, I wouldn't want anyone to think that I am shallow enough to persist in a 10 year relationship purely on the basis of generous cock proportions.  Nevertheless, it does have its compensations during those brief periods when some of his other characteristics (e.g. excessive negativity, neurotic obsessions and a fondness for model numbers) make me grind my teeth with irritation.

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday by repeating our first date.  The only thing we did differently was that, instead of him depositing me chastely at my front door at the end of the evening, we went back to his house and I  badgered him into making love to me.  Now, getting MM to make love to me isn't normally an issue.  However, due to his (in my view) unfair success in getting middle-aged women to sleep with him, he has had rather a busy week.  Not only has he spent several hours on Tuesday evening servicing a woman in front of her husband but he was also meeting another woman today for the first time, and she had already declared an unhealthy interest in the size of his todger. He was worried, therefore, that, if he made love to me last night, he might not have enough juice left to put on a healthy performance today.  You can imagine that, given the recent history of my attempts to get some extra-marital sex, my sympathy for his predicament wasn't high.  In fact, I made it quite clear that I would take a very dim view of any attempt on his part to get out of doing his 10-year anniversary duty.

Fortunately, he saw my point of view and put on a very creditable performance.  Apparently, there were no complaints today either.  I can't help but feel a slightly misplaced pride in the fact that, in the throes of advanced middle age, he is able to keep 3 demanding women satisfied in one week.

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