Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SexinSussex Carpark

May 2011

Finally, we meet up in a pub in Steyning.  I get there first, he gets lost.  Typical man, can't ask for directions.  Can't stop grinning at each other in the pub because our text messages have got on to him sending pics of his erections and me sending ones of my tits, followed by some very rude messages of exactly what we intend doing to each other.  Seems a bit weird to be sitting opposite someone I have been very intimate with and not actually met.  Still, that's just me, my 17 yr old son is having a full on relationship with a girl he's never met in Wolverhampton.  I blame it on his father.

As he decides he doesn't like the pub we leave to go somewhere else.  I am not used to wearing high heels and remaining vertical for very long and am stumbling around like Bambi.  I think he thinks I'm drunk.  As we are about to get in our separate cars, he changes his mind and walks right over to me and grabs me and kisses me.  It is the sexiest thing to happen to me for a long time.  I feel like undressing myself and begging him to do me there and then in the car park.  After a breathless ten minutes of snogging, I do what I know MM will tell me off for later and get in his car so we can go and find somewhere more intimate.  I am completely incapable of driving anyway, my brain seems to have stopped working and I can only think of getting my hand down his jeans.

I eventually remember there is quite a secluded car park at Washington (thank goodness for all those sunday walking sessions on the Downs with the girls!) and we go there.  It's not long before he's got his hands down my jeans (not easy, they are very tight) and I'm giving him a blow job.  I am so worked up I come really quickly and it doesn't take him long either - luckily, as I'm a bit out of practice.  (Mental note: must give MM more blow jobs, he's missing out.)

Phew! what an evening.  I think I could be having fun with this one.... at last.

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