Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Henry the Eighth

May 2011

No, I haven't found a man with 6 wives.  I have been in touch with a man on Illicit Encounters (IE for short) who calls himself Henry the Eighth on account of his strikingly similar beard.  Well, I suppose it's difficult to think of a good name.  I have just called myself Brighton Blonde, amazed it hadn't gone already.

I like IE, I haven't felt so wanted since I was 17.  So many messages from married/attached men that I can't answer them all.  Henry is the only one who really makes me laugh so far, so we arrange to meet for a coffee.  I think we get on well.  I am busy telling him about the pros and cons of swinging parties.  I do see a few glances out of the corner of my eye and Henry is shifting uncomfortably in his seat and looking a bit pale.  I belatedly remember that discretion is supposed to be a desirable statistic when dating married men, and I am being somewhat loud and indiscreet.  Still, I'm sure that my bubbly personality and classic good looks will keep him hooked.  I move on to the pros and cons of couples counselling, after he tells me he and his wife have tried it and he didn't really like it much.

I am, therefore, somewhat surprised when he messages me a couple of days later to say he isn't sure we "had a spark" and what did I think?  Quite apart from the novelty of being asked how I rated  the sparkiness of our date, I was somewhat taken aback that I hadn't completely overwhelmed him with my sparkling personality.  I pointed out that, in my view, sparks didn't necessarily fly at the first date, but that if he was having trouble finding any at all, that there probably wasn't much point asking me.  Clearly, I had done something wrong, and would be grateful if he could let me know if it was my poor dress sense, my loud analysis of swinging parties or my debateable appreciation of couples counselling.

Asked him to mail his feedback to me at: nosparks4u.com   He did reply and say I had made him laugh so much he was nearly thinking of seeing me again.  Erm, cheers...  I am almost flattered.

Bloody married men!

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