Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Oops! Double Trouble

February 2011

Finally, the Plumber and I get it together again.  And again...  I'm having a great time.  He's struggling a little with the demands, but I am reassuring about the fact that men over 40 can't stay ramrod straight all night and that a litte floppiness from time to time is perfectly acceptable.  In any case, he has very good hands and me coming is no problem.  In fact, I am having problems concentrating on my work cos I am too busy staring into space thinking about what a nice time I am having in bed with him.  I only have one little quandary.  The GasMan is getting firmer about his date for the Spa Visit and I don't know what to do.  Should I tell him I'm bonking his mate?  I don't even know if the Plumber wants me to tell anyone that we're bonking - on the other hand, it doesn't really feel right not to say.  I decide to tell him on the evening we go and then he can decide whether or not he still wants to go.  Yeah, I know, not the best plan, but still....

Fortunately, the problem seems to sort itself.  Out of the blue, GM phones me to say he's going to have to cancel due to "childcare issues".  I think it's a bit of a crap excuse, but am relieved to be let off the hook.  The following week, when I see the Plumber and he is a little cool with me, it all adds up.  They have talked and now think I was planning to shag both of them.

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