Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Illicit Encounters

April 2011

Having got back into the swing of sex, but inexplicably seeming to cock it up (ha ha) at every opportunity, I decide that the problem is not me, but the Single Man.  Both the Plumber and Mr EPC are in their 40s and single and I decide that there is probably a good reason for that. It can't possibly be me because I am almost perfect.  In fact, if it wasn't for the MusicMan pointing out on a regular basis that I do have some imperfections, I would argue that I was completely perfect.  He does agree that I have so many self-improvement books, that I am almost impossible to improve upon.  Thank goodness for MM.

The answer is, obviously, to find a man (or men, I don't want to deny anyone the opportunity of getting to know me better on the flimsy excuse that I can only do one at a time) who is in a relationship, and therefore proven to be house-trained and able to relate on a basic level to a woman.  Now I know this is somewhat controversial.  The whole moral justification of polyamory is that everyone should know who is doing what with whom.  The trouble is, there are not an awful lot of people lucky enough to have the type of relationship I have with MM, where we can both be completely honest about wanting to fuck other people.  And, most people in long term relationships would be happy (I think) to be a bit naughty with someone else, but they don't want their partners doing it!

Nevertheless, I find an interesting website called http://www.illicitencounters.com/ and am pleased to read that many people have found their marriages have got better thanks to the being able to be a bit naughty with someone else on the side.  I know I am sort of looking for moral justification for a morally debatable decision and therefore I am probably going to find it on a site fully of morally debatable people making a similar morally debatable decision to myself, but never mind - life is too short to deny a frustrated man in a long term boring partnership the opportunity to spice up his sex life with someone who is never going to be a serious threat to his marriage.  i.e. me - or so I like to think.. and how right I am.

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