Tuesday, 5 July 2011

An Invitation to the Bristol Gardens Spa

January 2011

Having got Xmas and New Year out of the way, I am back at work.  I have spoken to the Plumber and we have both nervously agreed that we had a Very Nice Time and we should do it again some time.  Or, at least, that's what I think we agreed.  It might have been me saying that and him going, "ummmm" which I can confidently interpret in whichever way I choose.  Still, never mind, a lack of obvious enthusiasm isn't going to put me off because I now also have another interesting invitation from his friend, the GasMan.  Now, the more perceptive amongst you are going to spot the problem in that sentence.  "His friend" - yes, they are mates.  Now, the GasMan and I go back a long way.  We once had a shag soon after my constantly philandering ex-husband finally left me for someone younger.  I was very grateful at the time, as it made me feel a whole lot better about being dumped on the shelf at the ripe old age of 36.  We have always been pretty affectionate since and it had recently become a bit fruitier with the odd snog and grope if I ended up meeting him near a boiler.

When I had to meet him at a job in January, he confessed that he was feeling a bit down because his wife had got a bit fed up of him being a constant flirt and had started an affair with a mutual friend.  In order to feel a bit better he wanted to go to the Bristol Gardens Spa with a naked female friend (i.e. me) so that he could ogle other couples having sex and maybe have a bit of a nice time with me too.  Now, I've been to this place before with the MusicMan and I wasn't that keen first time.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like my sex one on one and doing it in a room with a whole load of other people doesn't really add much to the experience.  I can appreciate it's erotic and it sort of turns me on, but I'd really rather have a nice time in bed with a nice man.  Still, I could see GM was down and he is a mate so I said I'd go.  At this point I hadn't actually arranged to meet up with the Plumber again, so  it all seemed ok on that score too. We set a vague sort of date for a couple of weeks hence and he went off happy and chirpy.


  1. Have you not had to pay for plumbing and heating services?

  2. Mostly gay in the Spa until a woman comes in and then they all become straight and follow..and BOY do they pester. Sam (Samantha) the owner is a very VERY difficult individual... The stairwells stink off piss, no one uses condoms, cum on the beds upstairs.. Sti's abound and you would nopt get me in the Hot Tub for a pension! Usually the same old slags getting 10 12 cocks a night with the lighting just good enough to hide the gential warts. It is disgusting