Tuesday, 5 July 2011


June 2011

Now that Sexinsussex is back home under lock and key, I have to get back onto IE and find a replacement.  Pretty soon I get chatting to a new man who sounds like fun.  He's even quicker off the mark than Sexinsussex and sends me a photo of himself in his work gear.  I'm impressed.  Sexinsussex had a large throbbing machine, but this guy has a gun in his pocket and its not because he's pleased to see me.  Pretty soon, he's sending me a photo of his secret weapon and that's impressive too.  Can't wait to meet him. 

We arrange to meet at Brighton station and I set off in good time.  Unfortunately, I see a friend in a pub and stop for a quick drink.  By the time I get away, Robocop is already at the station and I have to run up the hill in my miniskirt.  I spot him straightaway, as described, scruffy looking, in a black t-shirt and looking as if he's lost.  I walk right up to him and kiss him right on the lips.  Luckily it is him - not just some random bloke who thinks its his lucky day (or nightmare day, depending on how bedraggled I actually look).

We get on like a house on fire.  We chat away for a couple of hours, his erection is plain to see and we hold hands walking back.  He is good looking, with a great body.  This is great - what could go wrong with this one??

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