Friday, 5 August 2011

Trouble Walking

I knew there was a downside to amazing, blow-your-socks-off sex.  Having moaned for 6 months about a lack of action in the bedroom department, I hesitate to complain about the fact that a full week after seeing Aussie Bloke my cervix is still grumbling about the persistent battering it got for a couple of hours.  Actually, I'm not really complaining,  I'm just wondering whether it will be back in full working order for when I next meet him.  MM has already put in a formal complaint that I need to be treated a little more gently next time as he has noticed me wincing when he approaches me with a fully erect member and a glint in his eye.

So, as you have gathered, nothing disastrous happens this time and my meeting with AB goes amazingly well.  I park round the corner from his house and he comes to get me in his car.  Fortunately, I still think he is gorgeous. I have on the full regalia of high heels, low cut dress, stockings and suspenders.  (The effect was only partially ruined by getting a ladder in one of the stockings just as I was leaving my house. )  We go for a drink in a bar and chat away for a bit while waiting for the chinese takeaway to be prepared (cooking obviously isn't his strong point).  It is very touchy feely right from the off and I feel completely relaxed with him as well as full of eager anticipation for what's going to happen later.  When we get back to his place I am given a tour of the downstairs areas (of the house, not his bits!!!) and then we have our chinese.  Finally, I am given a tour of the upstairs half of the house and, surprise surprise, we end up in the bedroom. 

The next couple of hours were a bit of a blur but, as I have been told to put in a few more sexual details in this blog, I will get down as much as I can remember.  We start kissing and pretty soon after that I start unzipping his jeans.  I draw out his semi-erect cock, which is rapidly stiffening, and stroke it up and down to appreciative moans from AB.  My dress had been selected with the aim of being easily removed, so I undo the wrap around tie and let it fall open in front of him.  More appreciative noises. 

I'm afraid I can't remember the order everything comes in after that, but here's a list that can be re-arranged in any way that gives you the most pleasure:

  • he asks me what really turns me on and I say being licked and being done from behind.
  • he licks me expertly and I have Orgasm No 1
  • I am on top of him rubbing his cock on my clitoris and we have what I call "the condom moment" i.e. when proceedings have to be halted while the practicalities are discussed and sorted out
  • He is thrusting into me from behind and I am moaning "fuck me harder"
  • I have Orgasm No 2
  • I am on top again and he is sucking my tits.
  • We are doing it with me on top, facing away from him, so he can see right up my bum.  Normally I feel a bit shy in this position, but I am loving it all so much, I just don't care about the fact he's looking up my arsehole, in fact I quite like it.
  • He fucks me so hard from behind that I am feeling a pain deep inside, but I still want him to carry on - but, in the end, I have to tell him to do it slowly and gently for a while.
  • He comes.
  • I tell him I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow.
  • We cuddle and stroke each other for a while.  I admire his hairy rug of a chest which makes me feel like I'm in bed with a bear and he admires my breasts, which apparently are the perfect handful*.
Well, phwoarrrrrr.....  I couldn't have hoped for better.  It certainly made up for all the bad luck up to now.  I might have to re-subtitle my blog from "how not to get a shag" to "how to get the shag of the decade and end up with internal injuries."

We are meeting again next Wednesday - I'm not sure how my internal organs are going to cope.

*my breasts are very small, his hands are very big, so I am very pleased with this comment.


  1. I love the tempo of your writing. I am an ex-pro musician which may explain this! Please do more blogging. I am now (officially) a reader!

    1. Hi Richard - thanks so much for comment, and many apologies for the 2 year delay in replying! As you can see, I've been out of action and rather taken up with general fuckwittery. Am back in action again now, though and hope to be posting much more.