Saturday, 20 August 2011

Down Under Again

Did I really think it was a good idea to go and see Aussie Bloke again, the day after spending the afternoon in the clap clinic?  No, I didn't really, especially as I also had an ear infection and was having a tough week sitting in a room with a load of system developers.   Now, I like IT people.  Yes, they are a bit geeky, but they are also usually quite funny and, it goes without saying, pretty bright.  I don't normally have to mix much with them but, for various reasons, I have got myself involved in a major IT project with my ex-employers.  I'm not normally concerned about my ability to keep up with intellectual heavyweights - MM is pretty heavyweight in the intellect department and I run rings round him on a day-to-day basis.  (He will take great exception to this, but it's true - I just can't equal him when it comes to depth and breadth of knowledge.)  But sitting in a room with a load of IT people discussing the finer points of interfaces is a bit of a stretch from my normal work, which doesn't require a great deal of mental agility.  It's stimulating in a way - I just feel my brain has been doing gymnastics by the end of the day. 

What with that, and the ear infection and the simmering resentment left over from the clap clinic, having sex probably isn't the best idea.  Still, I hate being let down at the last minute (see The Plumber for confirmation of how badly I take that sort of thing) so I decide to go.  Once I've been able to get home and have a small glass of whisky in the bath, I'm feeling a bit better anyway.  I text AB to say I'm going to be half an hour later than planned and he texts back to say he's starving and can he eat without me.  Well, I'm starving too and don't have time to eat anything, but I'm always happy to lose a couple of pounds at short notice so I say yes and resign myself to an evening of hunger pangs - hopefully they will get drowned out by the sounds of passionate lovemaking.

I park round the corner from his house and he comes to get me in his car.  I still fancy him (phew!) and he is very appreciative of my fishnet stockings and starts running his hand up my leg almost before I've got in the car.  I'm glad he likes the fishnet stockings because I did, in fact, have a bit of a dilemma about my underwear this evening.  Mostly because MM has confiscated my lingerie.  Well, confiscated is probably an exaggeration - let's just say he has a possessive streak when it comes to my underwear.  I don't know what that says about him, and I'm not complaining, but still, it does mean that I have to occasionally negotiate over my rights to use certain items of underwear with other men.  His first proposal was that I was only allowed to wear lingerie I had bought for myself.  Well, that's all very well, but I don't buy much for myself, mainly because he buys so much for me.  After a bit of reasoned arguing, we settled on me also being able to use any lingerie he had bought for me as a present, leaving only those items (the majority) that he had bought for his own use.  No, I don't mean he likes to parade around the house wearing it, but he does buy a large amount of stuff I wouldn't been seen dead in, unless I died at a swinging party.  Therefore, in both our minds, it is his lingerie and shouldn't be used for other men.  (I try not to muse too long over the inconsistency of him being possessive about my lingerie and not about me, but I'm sure someone somewhere could write a thesis on it.)  Anyway, in order for me to turn up for a tryst with AB in a different set of underwear to last time, I had to nip round to MM's house on my way home from work and negotiate hard to get my favourite black and red suspender belt.  I was safe with the fishnet stockings because (a) I bought them myself and (b) MM isn't really into fishnets.

When I get into AB's house, I find he's delayed dinner for me after all and there are 2 barbequed (what else?) pork chops being kept warm in the oven and some rather overdone vegetables and new potatoes.  I am quite overwhelmed momentarily and kiss him hungrily before remembering that I am also hungry for food so I sit down and get stuck in to my meat and 2 veg.  I've completely forgotten to bring wine, but luckily he has some chilled chardonnay in the fridge (leftover from some other "entertaining" no doubt) so I get stuck into that as well.  Now, I like my food and I love cooking which can mean I am rather judgemental about what is cooked for me (see MM for confirmation of that) but this guy certainly knows how to barbeque a pork chop - it is really nice.  Can't say much for the veg though, but I do my best - it helps that I'm starving.

All in all, things are very domesticated and cosy, we chat like an old married couple, he puts away the dishes and I think "oooh what I really fancy now is to sit on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and watch Desperate Housewives, then climb into bed and go to sleep being hugged by this big hairy man".  The trouble is, what I am really there for ostensibly is to have a night of unbridled passion and multiple orgasms.  I don't think it's just me, either.  He's yawning quite a bit and I don't think it's because I'm boring him cos we're still making each other laugh.  Still, we both know what we're there for so we start kissing and fondling on the sofa and pretty soon the only things I'm wearing are my stockings and suspenders.  I go down on him and he gets nice and hard.  After a bit of shifting around on the sofa, we decide it's not really big enough and we'd be better off in bed.  I head off towards where we were before but am then gently propelled in the opposite direction into another bedroom and quickly realise I have been demoted into, not just the spare bedroom (which I can see out of the corner of my eye), but the junk bedroom!  i.e. the room where all the spare furniture they can't fit elsewhere into the house is put - it's like an antique storeroom, and the duvet has a nasty fishy smell which is quite offputting.  Well, talk about a downgrade....  although I can understand why.  His wife is back in a few days and he's probably already swept the main bedroom for stray hairs, earrings and suspicious stains.  Don't know why we can't be in the spare room though, but still, I guess he has his reasons.

Anyway, we get down to it and it's nice, but it's not much like the last time.  He's much gentler with me this time (basically, he has to be, I'm too worried I'm going to be wincing for weeks if he goes for it like before) but he also gets a bit floppy from time to time so I think he's pretty tired.  (I know he's been out for the past 2 evenings, which I suspect is woman-related - not that I mind, but I do if it affects his bedroom performance with me!).  Anyway, I have no complaints really - but I guess it is a bit of a come down  after the amazing sex we had 2 weeks ago.  We both fall asleep pretty soon afterwards and that's pretty much it.  When I've stayed the night with other lovers I've usually ended up demanding more action in the early hours, but not this time.  I'm really not in the mood for it, which is a shame - cos I'm not going to have him for a full 12 hours again once his wife is back.  And he really does have a nice body - I stroke his chest a bit wistfully before waking him up at 7 to say I'm going to have to go.

We have a bit of a cuddle then he gets up to make the tea and I go and have a shower.  We have a chat and a nice long snog before I head off home.  First song on the radio after I get in the car is Men at Work - "Down Under"! ha ha - very apt.

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