Monday, 15 February 2016

Down, but not Out

Well hello again,  what a long time it's been.  Over 4  years of madness and mayhem and here I am back again, only this time writing from a flat overlooking the sea at a secret location between Brighton and Worthing.  So not really Brighton Blonde anymore then, more like Nearly Brighton Blonde.

When I last wrote, MM and I had just moved in together and I was busy shagging Lucky Jim and Sam the Surveyor.  Well Lucky Jim soon fell by the wayside and Sam kept on performing for a very long time.  A Very Long Time being roughly 4 years, start to finish.  Unfortunately, it also resulted in the end of my relationship with MM and almost the end of Sam's relationship with the poor woman he was sort of, but not really, living with.  Yes, dear reader (if I still have any), polyamory has a dark side.  Sam and I eventually both left our partners, moved in together, 6 months later he then went back to his partner (mine had, very sensibly, found someone new), then he started seeing me again (more fool me), we ended up back together, only to be followed by him bailing out, YET AGAIN!!!, and going back to his long-suffering ex.  With whom he is still, presumably, with.  Who knows?  He sent me a "Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie" message yesterday, so maybe he thinks he can circle in for another go.... erm, no thanks - not without a frighteningly expensive amount of therapy, "sweetie"!

Well, that was 3 months ago and let's face it, I had it coming.  I hear WAGS all over the country cheering and stamping their feet, saying "Serves you right, bitch..."  And, of course, it does.  The only caveat I very tentatively mention is that Sam was on a site looking for an affair... He was going to do it anyway.

Fast-forward and I am back dating again, but, read my lips - NO ATTACHED MEN.  It helps that I am now single and therefore looking for an actual relationship this time, it also helps that I got severely burned, have had to pay for months of therapy (well, there's a reason I always go for emotionally unavailable men) and have a 52 year old sex drive, rather than a 48 year old sex drive - which, believe me, makes me slightly pickier when it comes to who I jump into bed with.  Unless I end up in a Spanish restaurant on a Friday night with an IT consultant with sexy brown eyes, and 2 bottles of fizz and 6 Manhattan cocktails.  Which I did last Friday...  More on that to follow...

(Ooooh it's good to be back - I do like writing amusing smut.)

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